Age on other planets

Find out your age on other planets using our age calculator. Just enter date and we will calculate your age on Mercury, age on Venus, age on Earth, age on Mars, age on Jupiter, age on Saturn, age on Uranus, age on Neptune, age on Pluto.

Earth years are used to calculate our age on the planet. Since the day we were born, that is the number of times the Earth has orbited the Sun. Since each planet takes a different amount of time to orbit the Sun, our age would be different if we lived on another planet in the Solar System. To put it another way, each planet has its own year length.

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To calculate your age on different planets, one has to see how much time the planet is taking to orbit the sun. Let us calculate for different Planets, If the age taken is 12 Years and which means 4380 days old.

Age on other planets

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Age on Mercury

Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun. So, a person who is 12 years on Earth would be 4380 divided by 88. So a person 12 years old would be approx. 50 years of age.

Age on Venus

Venus is far from the sun and takes 225 days to orbit the sun. So, 4380 divided by 225 would give us 20. The person aged 12 years on earth, will be 20  years of age on Venus.

Age on Mars

Mars takes 687 days to orbit the sun. 4380 divided by 687 gives us 6.3 Mars Years.

Age on Jupiter

A full orbit time of Jupiter is 11.8 years. Now to calculate the Jupiter years, we have to get 11.8 years into days, and for that, we will multiply 11.8 with 365. Now the number 4380 will be divided by the number of Jupiter days(11.8*365). The product is 1.01 Jupiter years.

Age on Saturn

Saturn takes 29.4 years to orbit the sun. The number 29.4 will be multiplied by 365 to get the number of days. Now 4380 will be divided by the number(29.4*365) which is equal to 0.4 Saturn years.

Age on Uranus

It takes 84 years for Uranus to take a full orbit of the sun. Let us first convert it into days  by multiplying 84 from 365. Now we will have to divide 4380 by the number (84*365). Which makes 0.14 Uranus years.

Age on Neptue

Neptune takes 164 years to orbit the sun. Dividing 4380 by the number (164*365) gives us 0.07. Which means a person aged 12 years on earth is 0.07 years on Neptune.

Age on Pluto

A full orbit time by pluto is 248 years. So, after dividing 4380 by the number (248*365), we get 0.048. Which means that a person  aged 12 years on earth, will be 0.048 Years of age.